Jarvis:What would you do with The New York Times Company? I’ll start that ball rolling:

I’d get out of Boston while the gettin’s good (or not as bad as it will inevitably be).

I’d get out of the paper business. I’d get rid of the regional papers and TV stations while there are still buyers.

I’d then use that equity to try to buy more About.com’s (too bad Primedia didn’t almost ruin more businesses like that) and other things that look very little like the Times: social businesses, commerce businesses, technology businesses.

I’d look to create lots of new products unencumbered by the weight, hubris, expectations, and rules of the Times brand.

I’d consider making the Times a purely national brand and …
..do something radical locally, where it’s just not that big (for example, making metro a web product under a different brand, if need be, to make it more collaborative).

I’d consider how the Herald-Tribune and Times can become a stronger international presence, but online only.

Rather than establishing a lab of outsiders to try to influence the future of the institution, I’d mix in people from the inside and give them the mandate to blow up the place.

via buzzmachine


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